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Opinions on mandating hpv vaccine

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The federal government can't "mandate" a vaccine anyway.

Effective vaccines have been available for almost a decade, but widespread adoption of vaccine administration has been problematic for multiple reasons.

Now there is narrative starting to be put forward that unvaccinated adults are costing the economy billions of dollars a year.

This is all based on the premise, one that is repeated as a mantra by those in the medical community, that vaccines are safe and effective and that the science is settled. I never really questioned vaccine safety and I thought I understood the reasoning of why vaccines worked. for many years and I received a number of vaccines during that time and I administered many.

Many countries (over 100) have adopted vaccine programs for females and an increasing number of countries are extending the indications to include males between the ages of 9-26.

There still seems to be controversy surrounding these universal vaccination programs as well as some ethical and practical concerns regarding the administration of a vaccine for diseases that are associated with sexual contact in both sexes, especially during the early adolescent years.