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Updating acura software

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2-- the car has to be running and it can't be driven during this time. not worth it since we usually use google maps on our i Phones which is so far superior. I was told Acura and Honda are aware of disc problems.The first set I received was the wrong part number (the customer service person says this happens often if ordered from web). COM The problem: Affected vehicles are eligible for a software update to the audio, navigation and hands-free phone systems.The software update will enhance the graphics and functionality of affected systems.Plus Benefits to Purchasing Online Depending on what time of year you buy, the cost can vary.Typically for an Acura you will be looking at spending between and 9 US Dollars.You also can call Acura at 800-382-2238 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hotline at 888-327-4236. The Sync 3 is also a brand new system as of 2016, not a few years old like Acuras.

To get the latest maps in order to update your in-dashboard Acura Navigation system you need to follow these instructions.In fact, research suggests that there can be as many as 20,000 miles worth of changes, new roads, re-prioritizations, and updates occurring each and every year.This presents a problem for drivers who have a GPS device, because a GPS physically stores the mapping software and data to the system.Some things to note: Do not turn the GPS off during the map update process.If you do this then the install could become corrupted meaning you might have to take your car to an official dealer in order for them to resolve and issues that come up.Vehicles affected by this service bulletin: For vehicles equipped with Navigation.