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Olympiad dating system

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In many societies, dates were reckoned relative to the rule of a particular person. At the time of the Peloponnesian War, the Athenian writer, Thucydides, dated the events three ways: by the priestess of Hera at Argos, the archon of Athens, and the ephor of Sparta. Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library.The lists of the archons of Athens were well established in the fifth century BC. “View of the Capitol and Forum at the time of the emperors.” The New York Public Library Digital Collections. Consular dating lasted through the Republic and into the Empire until AD 537, when Justinian introduced an official system of dating based on the year of an emperor’s reign.

“A Short Introduction to the Seleucid Era.” CHS Research Bulletin 4, no.

A similar list of ephors was established in Sparta. The list of victors was recorded by the end of the 5th century BC, and Greek historians were using the Olympiad system for dates in their writings by the fourth century BC.

Another list used for dating relied on the victors of the Olympic games, which were conducted every 4 years and drew participation from many Greek cities. In Rome, years were labeled with the names of the two consuls that were elected each year.

The exact dates of the games were based on the basis of the 28-day lunar month.

The games took place during the first full moon after the spring solstice, which coincides with the present day middle of July.